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Madil Hardis is a German musician and artist resident in London. 

A classical music education and a passion for film, music, and painting have formed her as an artist over the last fifteen years and led her to diverse experiences in the world of art. 

From 2009 to 2013, she was the lead-vocalist and band manager of the German Synthpop band EYCROMON. They released two studio albums - "Awake from the Sleepers" (2011) and “Repressure" (2013), and she produced/co-directed several of their music videos.

In 2015, Madil Hardis relocated to London. She recently composed and recorded the soundtracks to several short films, among them Sacrifice (2020) and Trinette (2019).

Her most popular releases include the singles Slow Kill and Summers Lost (both 2020).

"It is every artist's privilege and challenge to find strength in their inherent vulnerability, to seek beauty in sorrow and inspiration in hardship. Armed with empathy and awareness, they share their story with the world - until, in the midst of it all, they will discover their true self as part of this wonderful universe."