Dark ethereal music.

Madil Hardis combines classical and electronic elements with ethereal vocals and can be described as deep and soulful Weltschmerz music, sometimes slow, sometimes faster but always full of intensity and emotion.Her most popular releases include the singles Slow Kill and Summers Lost (both 2020). Madil Hardis also appeared as a guest singer on Ashbury Heights' singles Wild Eyes and A Cut In A Place, and recently joined Mondträume's lineup as one of their new singers.

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(...) Madil Hardis has been knocking me out with her singles lately. This is another track that simply floored me. (...) Her voice is impeccable and this slow, ambient, piano ballad is absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant work from her.Steven Gullotta / Brutal Resonance on LOST AT SEA (original by Psy'Aviah) / April 2022


'Borealis' (...) is as ethereal as it is haunting and certainly captivating. (...) But what’ll grab you by the darker shades of your aura is the German soprano, Hardis’ vocals. It’s a magnetic pull that’s almost impossible to verbalize.Walter Price / Global Texan Chronicles on BOREALIS (Nature of Wires feat Madil Hardis) / March 2022


Madil Hardis is an accomplished vocalist who weaves classical and electronic elements into her work. ‘Volta' sees Hardis working alongside darkwave pop outfit Nature of Wires for a piece that's a startling contrast between both talents. The ethereal vocal approach of Hardis has a beguiling, unearthly feel to it. NoW’s stomping synth-pop and Hardis' choral trills somehow produces something warm and engaging at the same time.Blitzed Magazine on VOLTA (Madil Hardis feat Nature of Wires) / August 2022


RESCUE ME (Nature of Wires Remix)

Madil Hardis and Nature of Wires