Evocative Audiovisual Art.

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Madil Hardis is an award-winning audiovisual artist with a background in classical and electronic music, filmmaking and fine art. With raw honesty and vulnerability, her creations navigate the emotional landscapes of isolation, connection, and self-discovery.

Madil blends acoustic elements with synthesisers and original sample manipulation, and is known for her three-octave vocal range.
Her music ranges from introspective and atmospheric to grandiose and climactic, and has been described as otherworldly, evocative and haunting.
Her influences include classical, electronica, synthwave, jazz, ambient, and experimental music.
Madil has accumulated over 130 music credits and 2.8 million streams across music streaming platforms. A frequent collaborator, she has worked with a variety of artists, including Ashbury Heights, Magnavolt, Mondträume, Turbo Knight, and Nature of Wires.
Her album “Natural Darkness” (2023) received rave reviews from music magazines including Blitzed Magazine, ReGen Magazine, and Orkus!, with her single “To The Heart” placing in the top 10 of the German Alternative Charts.
Madil has scored award-winning films screened at festivals such as Rhode Island International Film Festival, The British Short Film Awards, New Renaissance Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, and New York Shorts International Film Festival.
She is also a multi-award-winning filmmaker herself, creating music films and audio-visual poetry that have been screened at festivals around the world, among them “Five Moments” (2022), an experimental drama about grief, featuring live-on-set recorded art songs.

Featured Projects 2023-2024

Soundtrack for By Any Other Name
Short drama directed by Daniel Deville (Slick Films, 2023)
BAFTA/BIFA qualified with over 25 awards including Grand Prix Best Screenplay at Flickers' Rhode Island International Film FestivalFollow on Instagram

Soundtrack for Remi Milligan: Lost Director
Feature film directed by Samuel Lodato (Lodato Studios, 2023)
Winner Best Mockumentary at CARE Awards MiamiFollow on Instagram

Natural Darkness
Studio album by Madil Hardis (2023)
"An exploration that feels both deeply personal and universally relatable"
(ReGen Magazine)
"A mesmerising collection of ethereal, melancholic moods"
(Blitzed Magazine)

To The Heart
Single by Madil Hardis feat. Ashbury Heights (2023)
#7 German Alternative Charts Aug '23
1.6K Playlist adds on Spotify

City Dreams
Experimental Documentary directed and scored by Madil Hardis (feature, autumn 2024)
A disjointed and hazy recollection of city life, captured in a dreamlike symphony of sound and vision.

5-track EP by Madil Hardis (2024)
An immersive sonic tapestry featuring vocal and sound manipulation.Stream/Download


Press Reviews

"A beautiful haunting score."
Soundtrack: Ill Fares The Land
Review by Indie Film Critics (June 2023)
---"A truly mind-stirring and reflective experience."
Album: Natural Darkness
Review by ReGen Magazine (Nov 2023)
---"Huge commendations go to Magdalena Maria Herfurtner for the dramatic music"
Soundtrack: Ill Fares The Land
Review by Jason Knight, UK FILM REVIEW (June 2023)
---“A beautiful and mesmerizing single that showcases Madil Hardis’ exceptional talent as both a vocalist and composer."
Single: To The Heart
Dan Eachus / RetroSynth Records (Sep 2023)
---"Like an echo through time of great love followed by even greater, gut-wrenching loss."
Soundtrack: Ill Fares The Land (Track: My Jolly Sailor Bold)
Review by Onyx Music Reviews (June 2023)



Madil Hardis, 16/02/2023

Inspired by her work as a film composer, Madil Hardis releases "Reverie", an immersive sonic tapestry featuring vocal and sound manipulation. Dreamy, epic, intense and disruptive, the 5-track EP is an exploration born from pure creative joy and a desire to experiment.